Are you struggling with tantrums or lack of listening from your 2 to 6 yr olds?

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It’s clear that parenting and teaching can push you to edges you never even knew you had…

But, did you know, that you are the perfect person for your children?

Hi, I’m Wendolyn Bird, a Nature-Infused coach™ for parents and teachers. I provide space to help cultivate and liberate your natural-born wisdom, resulting in happier, calmer and more secure connections for you and the children you love. 


I understand all too well the challenges of parenting and teaching.   I have been both.


From these journeys, I discovered a foundational tool that I call N.A.T.U.R.E-Infused™ System of Care comprising 6 elemental pathways.


This system provides a supportive container for the stages of learning, growth, and development needed to realize your parenting and teaching dreams. 


Allow me to share with you these pathways so you can reclaim your clarity for what is needed in each situation, your confidence that enables you to be the adult your child can feel safe and secure with, and your calm to withstand the weather of many challenges that inevitably arise.


Wendolyn Bird

“I believe we are all whole. Sometimes,
to realize that wholeness we need another person to help us remember to bring compassion to our own story as we clear the path to truth, healing and the return to heart.”

~  RW

I bring you over 40 years of expertise

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Body Psychotherapy


Coaching for Parents

Embrace your unique parenting style & values through time tested tools, knowledge and practices and expand the boundaries of what you thought possible. Step into your rightful parenting joys.

Coaching for Teachers

School Directors, Teachers, and Founders of Forest Schools, I'm here for you. Discover Nature’s depth of wisdom as you invigorate the confidence and joy you bring to your work. Add new tools & skills while deepening your understanding of the true nature of children as well as your own.


Wendolyn Bird provides courses for Parents, Teachers, Directors and Founders wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of children as well as learning how to implement Nature’s wisdom to provide greater ease & well being in day to day life and learning.

First of all, Wendolyn just turned out to be a perfect fit for what I needed due to her personal style and unique experiences. In addition, her way of composing structure with flexibility is very much the way I work. Her holistic way of bringing every moment of all of life to her teaching is also very much what I appreciate. It’s a rare way of working, and one that I greatly value.

Lisa Allen, Parent & Teacher

I absolutely loved Wendolyn Bird’s visit to our class. Her insight into the world of nature and how we can use all of our senses to reconnect with it were valuable. I enjoyed the meditating, singing, sharing and storytelling. I think her presentation is a must-see for all future teachers!
Thank you Wendolyn!

Laura, Teacher

Wendolyn’s knowledge of the different developmental stages of children is extraordinary and very thorough, I always feel very practically informed about what is happening for children at different ages. This has been beneficial to me in designing a program for youth and in my day-to-day parenting with my 2 year old.

Regina Williams, Parent & Teacher

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