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Uniquely You · Wendolyn BIrd

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Never did I imagine that a Mom with limited parenting skills coming from an unhealthy marriage would wind up being a confident, knowledgeable and respected Coach and Guide for parents and teachers in the world of nature and social-emotional challenges. 


How did that happen?

It was 1996, and by now I was a single Mom working as an LPT/ Licensed Psychiatric Technician in almost every Child, Adolescent and Adult Psych unit in the Bay area as well as a Professional Storyteller and Harpist.  


My learning was great in these jobs yet my longing to find work that allowed me to be home when my kids came back from school every day and one that truly nourished my soul loomed large.


Sooo… I created one of the earliest known 100% outdoor nomadic preschools and summer camps for older children.

My mom, eldest sister and me in New Jersey, 1961

Since I was raised being put in a camper van and traveling to all manner of natural environments with my family and exploring the wonders of earth and sky, I had no idea that most people did not understand the deep and abiding value of this.  I brought my children out all the time as well.  


It didn’t take long for prospective families to begin asking questions such as, “What are they going to do outside for 4-5 hours a day in Nature?” “ How will they learn their ABC’s, their numbers…” and on went similar questions.


I was never directly trained to answer those questions, yet I wanted to. And poof, soon to follow, that desire manifested.


I got asked to begin sharing the benefits of Nature at Early Childhood Conferences, Preschool Teacher and Parent meetings, private schools and groups.


In 2008 I was in the newspaper 5 times and interviewed by more. Several college students even used me in their theses!

Well, it was now time to really get trained and learn to speak the language of the modern world’s ways so that the ancient and sustainable practices and systems for health and harmony for adult, child and the world alike might be understood and embraced.


My journey into a self-created PhD program began:

I dove into developmental psychology, Hakomi mindfulness-centered somatic therapeutic skills, primitive skills, Earth’s wisdom ways, dance, play therapy, sandtray therapy, spirituality of many styles and a deep dive into personal therapy just to name a few of the modalities. 


After 30 + years working with children and adults in nature I started to see more and more truly troubled children and overwhelmed parents and teachers.  Their challenges with understanding the nature of children and why they acted out so often was creating more and more disharmony and pain for all.


It became clear that I wanted to share the many gifts of knowledge, confidence, tools, practices and Nature’s overflowing love and wisdom that we need more than ever in these times in order to soothe and diminish the suffering  parents and children have been and are now experiencing.


I closed the doors to my school in June of 2019 for a sabbatical to re-evaluate what would be the best path for me at that time. Covid hit a year later; isolation, contemplation, explorations occurred. 


My new life of coaching and offering in-depth trainings began. Yet it turns out that it started well before my conscious intentions.


Here is a story that over the years has touched my heart and has provided so much joy, not only for me but I believe the family and child as well.

This little boy was 4 yrs old and was experiencing  deep separation anxiety. His tears were heart wrenching and the kind you knew you couldn’t just hold him for a bit after mom left and he would be fine.


After speaking with the mom and hearing some of her anxieties as well, we chose a gentle path for both of them to find their inner coherence and balance. The strategy: Mom drove him behind the school bus to where we went each day, stayed for circle time, played a little, and then went home.


After 6 months, when his tears were clearly a habit instead of true, he was able to separate from Mom without ANY challenge. And the separation anxiety not only went away from our school but across all other adventures he took. And his Mom, she found her ease, her confidence and her respect of self for staying with both of their anxieties until all had truly found peace and a natural flow.


I have never seen such a complete and total clearing of separation anxiety that 100% took, across the board. It was the slow, kind, and spacious allowing that gave way to an organic and natural unfolding of mother and child’s systems to find their rightful equilibrium.

What I Wish to Share

Struggles are real, painful, and oftentimes debilitating. Loving your children, your students and not knowing how to aid a situation requires care, respect, and attention.


A plethora of tools, practices, and wisdoms are out in the world, out your front door, within your own being, that are just what is needed to learn and grow in order to find rest, ease and confidence. 


My journey of confidence, knowledge and respect has been and continues to grow and deepen with the aid of many alongside the brilliant wisdom of Nature.


Because of this, I offer coaching and in-depth training to help you transform challenges into clarity, embodiment of confidence, and finding calm for yourself and your children.

Trainings, Education & Experience

Nature Connection
Education & Training

  • IONA: Institute of Nature Awareness
  • Art of Mentoring Nature and Community Immersion
  • HeadWaters Outdoor School
  • Kamana Home Study Naturalist Training
  • Tom Brown Jr.: Tracker School
  • Co-Founder of the South Bay Tracking Club
  • Co-President CAFS: California Association of Forest Schools


  • Licensed Psychiatric Technician/LPT: Licensed in 1977
  • Bodynamics: Somatic Psychology
  • Hakomi: Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Sandtray Training
  • Dr. Bruce Perry: Neurosequential Model Network
  • R-CS/Recreation: Recreation of the self and primary attachment

Parenting & Teaching

  • Love & Logic:Positive parenting & teaching techniques
  • Gordon Neufeld: Attachment based child development
  • Simplicity Parenting
  •  Mindfulness in Early Childhood Education Certification: Marin Mindfulness Institute
  • Child Centered Play Therapy 
  • Sand Tray for Children
  • Regional Play Therapy: CalAPT – CA Play Therapy Association
  • Stuart Brown: Founder of the National Institute for Play
  • Waldorf  Mentorship: supporting the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, artistic, and spiritual capacities of the human being


  • Marshall Rosenberg: Nonviolent communication
  • Selwa Said: Effective communication and relationship building

“I went to your Tender Tracks summer camp year after year for many years in elementary school up to middle school. I'm considering becoming a teacher now and my experience with your summer camp was one of the biggest and most positive impacts on my education. Often times I feel I learned more with you and our group on our off-trail adventures than I learned in the traditional classroom. I loved being outside, having so much freedom to explore, and of course, all of the stories!”

Katia, former Summer Camp Student