coaching for parents

Parenting is an Art & Practice

Parenting, in the midst of its beauty and joy can also be filled with  large steep mountains and some true treacherous ravines. Most of us have little to no support and the training manual just never came.

Nature Infused parenting however, has been around for many a millennia and the “manual” is actually within you. It’s in the fiber of your inherent nature. It just takes a bit of letting go of the old patterns and practices and reorienting to what supports your desire for a happy home, child and life.


Nature Infused Coaching is for you if:

  • you feel out of control or unsure how to respond to your child’s disregulated emotions
  • you want to stop yelling or coercing your child into socially acceptable behaviors
  • you often feel overwhelmed and insecure with your parenting
  • you wish to be calm, kind and confident while having developmentally appropriate expectations of your child
  • you want to discover some tried and true parenting skills from Nature’s Wisdom

Re-infusing your day to day living can begin with a conscious breath and a regular turning your gaze to that which nourishes & sustains your well being.

I would delight in supporting you with nature infused coaching for your parenting journey.

Ways to Work with Me

Ongoing Support

Understanding and learning how to raise our children through their natural stages of growth and development was, for most of us, left by the wayside. When fatigue, and stress take over, often times, our worst selves show up and internal regret and frustration hold our skill, capacities and wisdom hostage.


Finding your comfort and ease, your natural stability and flow in anything, takes practice and most often includes support and guidance. This is our nature. Parent coaching is a way to receive just that. Nature Infused parent coaching adds the missing puzzle piece to the wholeness of hearth and home.


Whether you choose one session to check this kind of support out or choose consistent sessions, you will be reverently supported as you move through those sticky unpleasant places and try on new styles of parenting, release those pent up frustrations, develop greater understanding of your child, and adjust to your own true rhythms, responses and choices.


Sessions are either online or in nature, depending on where you live and what your time and wishes are.


Both “offices” will support you. Being in nature however provides that special gift of deepening your relationship and connection to the Natural world and providing an internal peace that is one of Nature’s special gifts.

Coaching for Parents · Wendolyn Bird
Father and son
Coaching for Parents · Wendolyn BIrd

The overarching goal for our time together will be to:

Finally, consider this…

Wouldn’t it be nice if….

Coaching for Parents · Wendolyn BIrd

It’s easy to get started…

Online Coaching Sessions


60-minute session
We meet “face to face” via zoom

80-minute session
We meet “face to face” via zoom

In Nature Parent Coaching (Parent Only)

  • A 90 minute session
  • Sessions are located in Marin & are 100% outdoors. In these sessions we collaborate with Nature to explore the many respectful and supportive ways of unwinding your challenges and discovering avenues that bring you health and wholeness.


In Nature Parent Coaching (Parent and Child)

  • An hour and a half session in Nature
  • Sessions are located in Fairfax or Marin Co and are 100% outdoors.
  • These sessions are unique, insightful and supportive for you as a parent and for the child. 
  • Prior to our time together fill out the intake form & set up your 30 min. pre- consultation 
  • After the session you will receive an email with a summary of insights and suggestions.


I am committed to serving those seeking support and are ready to begin the coaching journey. Sliding scale spots are based upon individual need and availability of that service. If you would like to explore this option please send an email to

I would absolutely recommend Wendolyn’s work to others because she has years of training and more importantly many years of experience, she is able to meet you wherever you are and offer support and keen guidance. She really knows how to support children and educate them from a place of joy, fun and deep connection. She can help adults heal and grow so that they can support children without their own trauma getting in the way.

Regina Williams
Parent and Teacher

The nature connection that Wendolyn practices and teaches is felt throughout her teaching and it feels like both a spiritual practice and our greatest guide, to turn to nature. Developing a sit spot was wonderful for both myself and something I could do with my daughter as a morning ritual. Watching Wendolyn with my daughter was so inspiring and those classes that I had with her were in some ways the most memorable for me…. I believe she is a master in the field of Nature connection and early development.

Jennifer McGregor
Parent & Teacher

I remember once going on a walk with you in our neighborhood during that class…and you took some magnolia pods and called them furry little animals. Whenever we pass that magnolia tree I stop and pause and ask my children how our little pets are doing. It’s like I’m seeing them ( the plant) for the first time for what they really are.