coaching for teachers

Dear Forest School and Nature-Based Teachers, Directors and potential founders, your work, at this time in history, is needed more than ever. Never have the people of this earth become so removed from living in harmony with the natural flow of life nor had more illness, heart aches, and emotional despair.


There are many joys and sorrows a teacher, director or founder might have in this field. I know this all too well as I created my own 100 % outdoor Forest School during a time when there basically were none. I piecemealed my support and training from many varied sources and discovered ways to give my best to the children and families I served.


My gains from these endeavors have been grand and the challenges I have seen Nature teachers go through over the years has been so large that I wish nothing more than to shorten your learning curve, support your challenges and offer you guidance with the day to day workings of a Forest or Nature-based school.


Below are a variety of offerings that serve Directors, Teachers, or Forest School Founders.


I hope to have the opportunity to support your endeavors so the world can have one more person, one more school to bring that greater peace and harmony to our hearts, our homes, the Earth.

“Wendolyn’s superpowers are many, and a main one is her immense experience and understanding of children, parents, families, people, and the surrounding environment. She’s an amazing resource.”

  Lisa Allen, Parent & Teacher

School Directors 

You are the ones holding it all together for the school, the staff, children and families. You might even be teaching while also doing the job of hiring, firing, fielding parents needs, teachers needs and the day to day workings of making sure everything runs well.

Services I offer that can take some of the burden off your shoulders and empower your staff and you:

Coaching for Teachers School Directors

Here is a sample of topics that are often requested. Through an initial consultation we will find exactly what your staff would benefit most from. I create trainings to meet you and your schools needs.


Determined based on the type, time and place

What a gift to have Wendolyn come and speak and work with my students! Wendolyn has many strengths as a presenter and she deeply inspired everyone throughout her presentation. Her passion for the topic is palpable and her knowledge is impressive. Throughout her presentation she engaged students in very meaningful and interactive activities and provided them with multiple ways to connect the content to their own lives both personally and professionally. She was respectful of their various levels of comfort and experience related to the topic of children, play, and the natural world. During her presentation she varied her pedagogy (sprinkled lecture with storytelling, pair share, museum walk, call and response, group debriefing etc.) and her content. She shared a range of resources to support the student continuing learning on the topic of supporting children’s connections to nature.

Julie Nicholson
Instructor of Education, Mills College


You are the ones out in the field with the students day in and day out. You experience the ongoing challenges that arise from social and behavioral disruptions to having to figure out what to do when the weather changes, or a disgruntled parent shows up or a child becomes sick. Making decisions on your feet is often the daily regime. All of these require skill, awareness, and self care in order to end the day with joy instead of great fatigue.

In the forest teaching

Work with Me

One on One

60 minute weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly coaching to aid you during the multitude of concerns and cares that you feel unsteady with and finding your confidence and clarity.


Some cares and concerns may include:


  • How to create a nature-based curriculum
  • Deepening your own nature connection practices
  • Discipline challenges
  • How to have parent/teacher conferences
  • A place to safely vent and be with what is currently arising for you

Group of Four or More

60 to 75 min. weekly or bi-monthly coaching to explore the nature of your challenges, enjoy the camaraderie of teaching peers, understand your nature alongside understanding the true nature of young children.


Embrace the current issues that hinder your joy with your students and their comfort and ease through support, knowledge and self-inquiry.


Listening to your co-workers, hearing their struggles, watching them explore solutions and you doing the same is a great way to learn, grow, and create a community of support.


All classes are either on Zoom or in person depending on location of school or the ongoing pandemic needs and requirements.

I am committed to serving those seeking support and are ready to begin the coaching journey. Sliding scale spots are based upon individual need and availability of that service. If you would like to explore this option please send an email to:


School Founders

So you want to start a Forest or Nature-based Preschool?

YES to this endeavor of yours!! You are the ones venturing out into new territory. Forest and Nature based Preschools are a rather new type of schooling in our country with few to no regulations. Alongside diverse information about how to run one with integrity, stability and safety, challenges can and do arise. Many folks are starting them yet very few are run with ways that bring government and local officials feeling comfortable and in support of.


Through my many years of learning, creating and coming toe to toe with Rangers, Fire Men, Land officials and disgruntled lay people, I have developed and created systems and action items that will alleviate some or all of your own potential trips and troubles.


Here are some ways I can support the creation of your wonderful and sustainable school:


  • Set up your free consultation
  • Sign up for a 75-minute consultation and receive the following four PDFs
    1. Areas to Consider When starting a Forest- Nature-Based School
    2. First Aid Kit Essentials for Forest Schools
    3. Childcare Accident Report
    4. What you need in YOUR backpack for safety & fun
  • Train teachers who are coming into your school
  • Assess site for school
  • Follow up sessions once school begins to help with your new start

Once your school gets underway, the day to day questions, concerns and queries may arise. When and if they do, please check out the support offered in the Directors and/or Teachers section. 


I delight in the opportunity to continue supporting you and your most needed creation!

Coaching for Teachers
I would absolutely recommend Wendolyn's work to others because she has years of training and more importantly many years of experience, she is able to meet you wherever you are and offer support and keen guidance. She really knows how to support children and educate them from a place of joy, fun and deep connection. She can help adults heal and grow so that they can support children without their own trauma getting in the way.

Regina Williams, Parent and Teacher