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Mommy, Me & More


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Thursday, March 9, 2023


Free Zoom Introduction
Friday, March 10, 2023

Mommy & Me

Mar 21 – May 30, 2023 

Just for Moms
4 Saturdays

Mar 18, Apr 8, May 6, June 3, 2023

Mommy, Me, & More

A unique 3-month opportunity to grow your parenting confidence, freedom & joy through Nature’s wisdom & care

Join other like minded Mom’s of 2 ½ to 3 ½ year-olds on weekly adventures in Nature alongside monthly 

Just for Moms coaching & support group
facilitated by Wendolyn Bird in collaboration with Nature’s Wisdoms

Mommy & Me

Mar 21 – May 30, 2023 

Just for Moms
3 Saturdays

Mar 18, Apr 8, May 6, June 3, 2023

Fairfax: Lake Lagunitas 
Woodacre: Roy’s Redwoods

These Sites + potentially others  TBD due to weather & class needs

Mommy & Me
Each week we meet for 90 minutes and receive Nature’s wisdoms as we wander, sit, run, sing, adventure and explore in Nature’s playground.


  • Our day begins  with a gentle song just right for your little ones: soft, gentle, simple
  • We will find all the toys and tools we need on the earth
  • Discovering how to play with what shows up will be part of the days adventure.
  • Ending our time: A snack from your own pack, a story from our day, and a goodbye song to send us on our way.

Just for Moms

Each month in the Just for Moms group, we will explore the often over looked five fundamental needs of young children—safety, security, belonging, love, and being known—as well as attuning to the child’s world of awe, wonder, curiosity, imagination & play.


To do so we will, through nature meditations, practices and sharing, discover how this information will aid you in understanding how to create greater ease with any challenge you encounter with your child. Mostly though, the Just for Moms group is for you to gain support, emotional nourishment and camaraderie with your challenges and offer practical day to day tools to aid you in the best and worst times of Mothering.


What you Receive

  • 11 Mommy and Me 1.5 hour Tuesdays in Nature 
  • 4 Just for Moms 2-hour Saturday coaching & support group
  • Maximum 8 Moms with their 2½ to 3½ year-olds 
  • Weekly emails with:
    • useful developmental information
    • suggested contemplations & practices to 
 bring to the Mom’s group
    • suggested observations to work with when
 with your child outdoors
    • small doable steps & suggestions to play
 with & practice for your specific challenges
    • Mid-week questions answered via email 

(Pay in full or pay $325 deposit with payment plan)

Let’s discover if this is what you are looking for. Call me at 415.496.9053 or for ease book a free consultation now.

Below you’ll find a sample of courses. We can craft together custom offerings related to your needs. 

Contact me and let me know what you want to bring to your parent group, staff or school. 

Join the Nature-Infused Circle and find out when in-person, self-paced, and online courses will be available.

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The Foundational Roots: Nourish, Fortify, Sustain

Wendolyn’s Foundational Course integrates Nature’s Principles to create a healthy & harmonious home & Forest- or Nature-based school.


This 8 week course is the foundational training to infuse your confidence, knowledge, and joy through Nature’s 8 principles to joyful living.


As a parent or teacher your roots of ease, confidence, and stability are some of your most important strengths. Like the deep roots of a tall tree, they need to continue to be nourished in order to withstand the temperamental conditions of Life.

By focusing on nourishing & fortifying your roots, we begin the process of bringing fun, ease and confidence back to the forefront of your time with children.


In this course, we will engage in practices that deepen your connection with Nature, enliven your True Nature and gather tools to uplift the well-being of the children you care for.


This course is strongly recommended as a prerequisite to all other Wendolyn Bird courses. They build upon the foundational work done here.

Transforming Troubles into Treasures

This course is firmly rooted in the belief that there is no such thing as a Disobedient child, only a Disoriented one. Increasingly, teachers and parents express dread when interacting with a child that brings troubles into the space they occupy together.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the tension that grips your body during these interactions were transformed into ease, understanding and curiosity simply because you had access to new tools and an elevated level of confidence in your ability to guide?

We dive directly into understanding the nature of children, along with uncovering specific tools, knowledge, and practices that support relaxation in the midst of emotional dis-regulation.

This class offers the opportunity for current challenges to be worked on within a supportive group context so that all can benefit from each others’ struggles. We will uncover practical tools to connect with a Disoriented child and transition the experience from troubles into healthy, joyful treasures.

Stories & Songs throughout the Seasons

Music and the lyrical flow of story & song is the natural language of a child. Songs and stories have ancient pathways woven into the fabric of our emotional core and cultural traditions. They provide insights and answers into the ever-present joys, sorrows and curiosities of our day to day lives.


This class shines a light on how stories and songs aid us not only in the fun and playfulness we find in Nature but also offers guidance on how to bring the gifts of Nature to all our senses. They have a powerful ability to re-infuse our connection with Nature and teach without teaching all through magic, joy and wonder.


In this class you will learn how to use stories and songs for the many different seasons of Nature, emotions, physical and day to day needs that arise.


Rooting them in this way brings a whisper of an old traditional educational structure, providing a harbor of stability, and a healing balm for their curious and vibrant souls.

Self-Care through N.A.T.U.R.E.

Self-care is Nature’s way of ensuring that All of Life gets taken care of and carries on. Just watch the birds, bears, racoons and such tending to their needs as they tend to their young ones. They instinctively respond in ways that take care of the whole, not just the part.

Through N.A.T.U.R.E. (Nourish, Attune, Trust, Unconventional, Rest, Enjoy) an opportunity to explore and re-enliven your instinctual nature to form a compassionate path that stabilizes, roots, enriches and fortifies you as a parent or teacher.

This class will traverse the landscape of these 6 pathways of self care through practices that engage your inner peace and brighten your joy.

Discover how N.A.T.U.R.E. can calm and sooth your many adventures with self and the children you care for.

You have a gift for meeting people where they are. You planted lots of little “seed babies” for me to think about and play with. I’m very grateful.

Marley, teacher in training

I gained an appreciation for paying more attention to the beauty and glory of the nature around me. To slow down and truly connect with it.  I will take back with me the sense of awe and wonder I revisited today and pass that on to the children I work with.  It was a wonderfully constructed workshop with an amazingly talented instructor. She shared so freely her knowledge and experience as well as her calm, sensitive nature. I truly enjoyed the day and will look at how I approach my profession and the nature around me with new eyes.

Mills college Student

I learned more about the attitude of Mentoring in our short call then in years of serious mentoring programs. “Keep it fun, keep it inviting, honor where they are at.” Good words for the rest of our lives too! I truly think you’re one of the great souls here on Earth. Thanks again,


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